the world’s first resident unmanned offshore search and rescue solution

Safety Net



Speed of rescue is key to survival

  • 56% die in the first 3 minutes due to cold water shock​​

  • 24% die in 3 to 30 minutes due to swim failure​

  • 20% die at the point of rescue

Operations & Maintenance

Enable Helicopter operations

  • Eliminate standby vessels

  • 10% saving in downtime

  • ​Rapid breakdown response

  • 50k ton carbon saving


4.5% reduction of LCoE

**independent study

For safety, Regulator (MCA) recommends 2 lines of orientation

Operators prefer Optimised siting to reduce wake turbulence losses

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Latest NEWS

12 Nov 20 - Successful conclusion of free fall vessel testing (scaled to 25m in Sea State 6) at QinetiQ Haslar Ocean Basin. 

05 Oct 20 - Worlds first unmanned casualty recovery performed in open water (conducted under MASS Code of Practice)

21 Sep 20 - OSS launches their first unmanned remotely operated vessel

07 Sep 20 - OSS win UK Gov Innovate UK 'Sustainable Innovation' Funding


11 Jun 20 - Successful conclusion of sea trials on prototype Casualty Rescue Solution



Larger turbines, further from land lead to longer rescue response times.

There is always a risk of someone entering the sea​

Speed of response is key to survival

Probability of third party incidents​increase as size of wind farms increase​​​

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Why O&M

Operators aspire to use lone assets

Enable helicopter operations without the need for in field standby vessels

Eliminate the need to put lives at risk during standby operations.

SOV & Heli operations enable fast repair response and broader weather window.

Saving 2.4t carbon for each 12 hour CTV transit 


With a resident SAR solution:


  • Speed rescue recovery response

  • Enable SAR lane or out of field heli-rendezvous

  • Reduce the risk profile for SAR heli-ops

  • Enable improved yield orientation layout

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Safety Net

Immediately deployable rescue assets​

Proven unmanned rescue capability

Patent protected​

Semi-autonomous operation

Casualty first design​

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OSS are a start-up developing a remotely operated Search and Rescue (SAR) service (Safety Net) for Offshore Renewable Industry.

The team has specialist expertise in SAR operations, technology integration and autonomous systems.

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